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Heating home with heating oil

Current Heating Oil Prices are Cheaper Than Gas & Electricity

A Sutherland tables study has shown that heating oil has been the cheapest way to heat homes in 2017. Rix Petroleum have recently reported that on average, it has cost UK homes £894 to heat their homes for the entire year with heating oil, based on a three bedroom house. The study has shown that it costs an additional £100 to heat a home with British Gas and a whopping £1,016 per year more to heat your home with electricity.

Tips From Mortar360: Keep Heating Costs Low 

While current heating oil prices are relatively low, it won’t be this way forever. Our top tip is to remember to keep your heating oil tank topped up and regularly maintained to ensure you don’t run out at the most crucial time; winter. Winter is typically the most expensive month to buy heating oil as the temperatures are at their lowest, therefore demand is at its highest.

Top Tip: Remember to buy heating oil before winter. 

As the price of heating oil is forever changing, securing quotes should be a timely effort. Get quotes from a range of suppliers on the same day to compare prices fairly. Try to use websites that make getting a quote easy – if you have to jump through hoops to get a price, it’s probably not worth it.

Top Tip: Check heating oil prices on the same day. 

Keep the heat trapped in your home to keep it warm and keep costs low. Escaping heat is simply a waste of money, as it’s quite literally going out the window. Thick curtains and carpets not only trap heat in your home but also absorb and retain some of the heat to keep your home warm. Draught excluders prevent the cold air from other rooms and outside getting into your cosy area.

Top Tip: Properly insulating your home will help to keep heating costs low. 


One and a half million UK homes rely on heating oil to heat their homes as they are not connected to the national grid with access to the main energy suppliers. Following these top tips should help those homeowners save extra on their heating bills.

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